產品名稱 : 3D光學掃描儀

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    As mentioned its something of a holy grail . You simply put the part on the table , click a button and in around 1 minute a complete 3D model of the part pops up on Screen . Crucially the 3D model contains accurate measurements of both surfaces and edges , and can be used to inspect or reverse engineer the part . As with all InspecVision products , it contains no moving parts and is consequently very low cost . The entire automatic 2D / 3D system costs less than competing 2D or 3D systems . proimages/2D_3D_CMM_/3D_SCAN/Optiscan3D.jpg

    lnspec Vision以先進的3D掃瞄技術開發出最新可攜式自動掃瞄系統,自動地測量構件部份表面,邊緣和3D模型,其創新的便捷及可攜性使得未來工業領域上外型構件皆可由單一掃瞄取得資料及尺寸,縮短閒發的時效性。

    The other really exciting thing is that the 3D options are portable and can be used to measure the assemblies . For example our Opti-Probe is a wireless hand held device which is covered in optical markers . The cameras tracks the optical markers and then calculates the position of the probe in 3D . Large assemblies such as 7x5x3m can be checked witha asingle camera .

    Traditionally when you buy a measuring machine you must choose the accuracy and measuring volume that you can afford . lf you want to increase the measuring volume or accuracy you would need to buy a new machine . With the Optiprobe you can simply add more cameras to increase the accuracy or measuring volume .

               proimages/2D_3D_CMM_/3D_SCAN/Optiscan3D3.jpg                                proimages/2D_3D_CMM_/3D_SCAN/Optiscan3D2.jpg